Design: Milano Design Week Salone del Mobile 2019

Salone del Mobile 2019 Milan Design Week has started!

We will visit the Salone del Mobile Fair and also the FuoriSalone, the most important event in the world related to the topic of design.

Read on for RG’s tips, trends to watch and highlights…We are going to take you through a selection of the best design pieces and installation of this unique design celebration.

It will be a week full of events, presentations and special projects.

We started our Salone in the amazing scenario of Piazza Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, accompanied by an amazing sunshine.

We then strolled all the way up to Via Solferino, in the Brera Design District where we passed by unique windows all dressed up for the Fuori Salone.

Streets looked busier than the previous Salone’s editions, and the crowd seems to enjoy this vibrant atmosphere.

A busy Piazza del Duomo during Salone del Mobile 2019

The beauty of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milano 

Our first stop that we would like to underline was the amazing Draga & Aurel’ collection Transparency Matters.

The Como-based designers are presenting their latest collection of art, furniture and lightings, Transparency Matters, in Brera, Milan.

For the collection, Draga & Aurel took inspiration from Minimalism’s simplified volumes, the retrofuturistic experimentation of Space Age design and the eye-bending patterns of Optical Art. Resin and cast glass are the main materials used for the collection and they work amazingly well together.

‘Transparency Matters’ by Draga & Aurel 

The pair interpret the power of transparency to illuminate, delight, transform and distort, creating unique visuals and textures that are pleasant to the eyes. Very refined are the series of dimly-lit private rooms designed to highlight their atmospheric coloured lighting in resin and glass.

‘Judd’ wall lights by Draga & Aurel for Transparency Matters

‘Transparency Matters’, detail of a colourful room dividers

The second place that you definitely cannot miss in Milan Design Week 2019 is the Salvatori Showroom.

Salvatori presents ‘Hidden Rooms’, An immersive installation of objects and accessories for the home designed by internationally-acclaimed designers John Pawson, Piero Lissoni and Elisa Ossino.

The rooms are to be discovered in a surprise sequence, alternating various types, textures and patterns of Salvatori’s natural stone.

One of the ‘Hidden Rooms’ at Salvatori

As visitors travel through the winding galleries they will discover hidden environments; the best one is a small chamber of optical illusion multiplied in mirror reflections. You are immerse in a maze of marble thanks to the mirrors carefully placed in order to create an infinitive space.

Rotagiorgino in the small chamber, one of the ‘Hidden Rooms’ at Salvatori

Ossino’s Hidden Rooms project brilliantly interprets Salvatori’s distinct stone textures and finishes, pushing the creative limits of the already versatile material.

John Pawson has created a family of vessels and utensils for the home whose powerful affinities include rigorous simplicity of form, materiality and function.

Piero Lissoni debuts his Lost Stones collection, a new series of tables fabricated from heritage stone discovered in Salvatori’s archives.

‘Hidden Rooms’ details at Salvatori

‘Hidden Rooms’ details at Salvatori

That’s it for day one, now is time to rest and recharge the batteries for tomorrow’s long day which will spend the full day looking for the latest design a technology.

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Milan Design Week is getting  better, nicer and stronger year after year, an absolute place to be for all the designers and architects interested in the latest design trends and new collections.

If this is the first day of Salone, it looks like it will be a great Salone del Mobile 2019!

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