Established in London in 2018, ROTAGIORGINO is a multidisciplinary design practice, architecture and interior design, with offices in London, Miami and Milan. With experience matured in the completion of projects across different cities of the globe such as Dubai, New York and London, ROTAGIORGINO’s curated selection of collaborators, artisans, suppliers, artists and materials is what really makes the difference and places the practice in a whole different arena. ROTAGIORGINO’s interior design classic elegance and timeless taste are brought to life by unique artworks, bespoke furniture and accessories, rare materials and fine craftsmanship. Our design respects the historical provenance of each project and its genius loci, a philosophy reflected in our unique projects which can be found at the finest addresses in the best cities of the world such as London, Dubai, Doha, New York, Milan, and many others. ROTAGIORGINO’s experience includes luxury apartments and listed town houses in London, historical buildings, villas and chalets in central Europe as well as palaces and villas in the most renowned cities of the Middle East.

Interior Designer

Paolo is an Interior Architect and Interior Designer. Born in Lecco, a city in northern Italy in the famous region of the Lakes, Paolo graduated in architecture from London’s Metropolitan University. With over ten year’s experience in high-end residential and commercial architecture and interiors matured between Italy and the UK, Paolo has worked and collaborated with some of the best international interior design studios and architects. Paolo’s experience and collaborations boast names such as Rabih Hage, Katharine Pooley and Sybille de Margerie with whom he has worked on interior design residential and nautical projects in the UK, France, Italy, USA and the Middle East. Paolo’s in depth knowledge of the luxury culture and passion for global architecture, interior design and art offers a strong point of reference to ROTAGIORGINO’s international clientele. Such key skill together with Paolo’s understanding of technical details, craft techniques and cutting edge technologies are the perfect formula for the timeless interiors of ROTAGIORGINO.


Originally from Lecce, Puglia, Sabina is an Interior Architect and Interior Designer with over 9 years of professional experience matured between Rome and London. Sabina’s love for interior design and design started from the young age, inspired by her family’s lighting manufacturing business. After completing her studies at the School of Art, Sabina graduated from the Istituto Design Palladio of Verona and subsequently from world-renowned International Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Rome. Having worked as hospitality interior designer in Rome and as Residential and Commercial Interior Designer in London, Sabina’s latest collaboration was with acclaimed London interior design practice Katharine Pooley. Since her move to London, Sabina had the opportunity to experience different design cultures and to work on large luxury residential projects. The completion of interior designs projects all over the world such as Dubai, Kuwait, Doha and London has allowed her to develop a style and a savoir faire that perfectly match the needs and expectations of her international clients. Sabina believes in fine detailing, as these are crucial in the delivery of simple but luxury solutions in each an every one of ROTAGIORGINO’s projects.