Brief, budget and concept design

The first step of every great interior design project, whether this is in London, Miami, or anywhere in the world, is to define your vision. Thanks to specific processes refined by us, we will put together a project that will reflect your unique way of living and budget.

This will be the foundation of the concept design scheme, where we will explore in more details the potential of your interiors, crafting these around your needs, style and preferences. A house is just a house until you don’t make it a home thanks to bespoke interior design services fully tailored around you.

Detailed Design & technical design

Once the vision of your interior design project has been defined, we will plan everything in order to make it real. Technical drawings, liaising with other professionals involved in the project, refined interior details, sample sourcing, physical mood boards… and anything else needed to offer you the best luxury interior design service.

Procurement and bespoke manufacturing

All our interior design services are always tailored around our client way of living their home, culture, and desires. That is why we offer a wide range of furniture options, selecting form the most luxurious and renowned brands that will create some of the best interiors in London, Zurich o wherever your home is. Thanks to our inhouse manufacturing, we are also able to offer you a fully bespoke design for any piece of furniture, such as bespoke wardrobes, kitchens, bespoke sofas, beds and headboards… and anything that you can imagine for your interiors.

Construction & Operations on site

Once all the procurement orders are placed and while all the bespoke furniture is being manufactured, we will follow all the operations on site. We will carry on thorough site visits, attend site meeting with contractor or any other professional involved with the interior design project, assuring that the outcome will be the same as the final interior designed approved. We will send you regular updates about the construction and furniture production, through reports, images and video, so that you can see behind the scenes of a great interior design project and admire your dream home come true.


Almost there, your interior design project is almost completed. We take care of projects anywhere around the globe, thanks to a strong logistic partner and methodical process developed by us thanks to years of experience in international interior design projects.

Thanks to our global network of artisans, bespoke furniture and all the pieces part of the interior design scheme are shipped to the destination. Here our dedicated team will take care of the installation process, making sure that everything will be installed exactly as specified in our interior design scheme. Whether your project is in London, Miami, Zurich, or any other best city in the world, we are fully structured to take care of your interior design project.


Once all the pieces that are part of the interior design scheme are installed, we will prepare your new home and its beautiful interiors for you. We will explain you how to take care of the reined finishes used for your bespoke furniture, we will show you how the technological integration works, and we will prepare each room. All you will have to do is open your bottle of champagne and enjoy the most beautiful interiors of your new home.

Your dream home starts from here