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RotaGiorgino’s approach to interior design is unique. Our international design experience and global network of craftsmen, makers and artists allow us to shape refined projects that are fully tailored around our client’s needs, culture and lifestyle. Our designs respect the historical provenance of each project and its genius loci, a philosophy reflected in all the projects we have completed in some of the most prominent cities of the world such as London, Dubai, Doha, New York, Miami, Milan, Geneva and beyond. ROTAGIORGINO’s experience includes luxury apartments and listed town houses in London, historical buildings, villas, and chalets in central Europe as well as palaces and villas in a number of cities of the Middle East
Our Projects
inspiring interior design


We craft interiors that are fully tailored around a contemporary way of living, always integrating innovation and technology in our projects. We challenge ancient craftsmanship by proposing contemporary design, creating some of the best interior design at global level. Craftsmanship is one of our design pillar and RotaGiorgino has its own laboratory where we produce pieces design for your interiors.

Interior design

We take pride for not having a particular style, but for tailoring refined and elegant interior design projects around our clients needs and aspirations.
All our interiors are fully bespoke and we offer a turn key service for high end interior design. We listen to our client’s stories and visions and we help them to create their interiors based on their unique way of living.

bespoke furniture

We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and the Made in Italy label, offering unique interior design services thanks to our international network of craftsmen and refined materials. With our laboratory and production, we provide a one-stop-shop for your whole project, offering peace of mind and financial advantages.


We provide high-quality furniture, lighting, materials, and finishes for interior design projects. Our exclusive network of global artists, artisans, and luxury brands helps us source the best items. Our logistic team takes care of shipment, import, export, and installation, providing clients with a turn-key service.

home dressing

Home dressing adds a final touch for beautiful interiors. We select accessories, antiques, and art to reflect our client’s taste. Our global network of artists allows us to commission bespoke pieces. From high-end residential projects to lobbies, we make interiors unique.



We design exceptional residential interiors in Switzerland, including Zurich, Lugano, and Geneva. Our portfolio features creatively designed luxury homes worldwide. With global experience in interior design, we are a leading Swiss designer known for originality.


We design interiors for global boutique hotels, eating places, offices, and shops by tailoring to each client's brief and budget, representing their values to create a full-client experience.


We transform spaces into profitable assets through interior design. Our approach involves understanding our clients' vision and budget and creating valuable interiors for residential and commercial developments. Design can be the key to successful investments.


We design comfortable yacht and aviation interiors for international clients with multiple homes in top cities worldwide.



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