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LG Oled TV: roll your TV away!

“We got to move these colours TVs” as Dire Straits said in their songs Money for Nothing in 1985.

Today, there is no need to move the TVs as TVs can be easily rolled up and tucked away.

Yes, you read it correctly, rolled up!

Have a look below:


lg oled tv

That’s how far LG Oled TV has pushed itself and challenged technology.

A clever and unique design, that lets the TV disappear in a little box, saving you loads of space and giving you flexibility in your interiors.

The TV has always been a challenge for interior designers. Walls too far from the bed, the need to design furniture for pop up TV’s, the heavy presence of the TV next to beautiful works of art and, for those who are control freaks, the need to create bespoke cabinets to hide TV’s inside.

These and many other situations have forced us to create bulky joinery or similar elements only to hide the TV.

Well, now this technology changes everything!

You can fit your TV in a very minimal space, within a tiny little box that even on it’s own looks sleek, modern and elegant, which will unleash the full potential of your space.

In addition, you don’t even need to worry about where you might have left the controller, as all you need to do is speak. In fact the LG TV supports the amazing LG ThinkQ, which allows you to control your TV with your voice.

With the great finishes and details, such as natural wool and pure metal, we believe that this is a flawless beauty with unprecedented technology.

That’s why we specified this unique piece of technology in two of our projects, and soon we will update you with details in our Instagram page.

In conclusion, we’d like to leave you with two videos, one about this amazing LG TV, and one that perhaps you can watch once you’ll have ordered one of the LG OLED.

Enjoy the show!

All images form LG website 

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