Most frequent questions and answers
We create your dream home, fully tailored around your needs and way of living, turning your vision into reality. Our interior design service is fully bespoke and takes into consideration the location, your lifestyle, culture, and many other aspects you would brief us on.
Every project is a challenge, and we know how to handle it. We will work closely with you, taking care of everything, from planning to deliveries, in order to give you a unique and tailored service. We have incredible resources when it comes to artisans, craftsmen, suppliers and artists, also giving you access to trade discounts. We don’t just create beautiful interiors, but we solve any issues that might arise during the interior design project.

The earlier the better. It’s never too early to speak to an interior designer. The earlier you start working with an interior designer the better they can help you avoid mistakes when planning your design project as it relates to the selection of finishes, types of windows, lighting etc. For example, we plan for the exact location of electrical outlets and sockets, depending on the furniture layout of your space, which is based on shape and size of your space as well as your lifestyle and preferences.

We do not have a particular interior design style, but we pride ourselves to develop project around our client’s needs, culture, and way of living. 

We describe our approach to interiors as timeless contemporary with a strong inspiration from the past and with an attention to the modern way of living. 

Our idea is to blend our international aesthetics with our client’s preferences and needs, in order to create beautiful interiors at global level. 

We are operational in four different cities, London, Milan, Lugano (Switzerland) & Miami, but we travel to wherever our clients need us to be. So far, we have worked on interior design projects in some of the best cities in the world and at their finest addresses, completing projects in London, New York, Doha, Dubai, Miami, Zurich, Milan, Lugano, Dakar, Abu Dhabi… and many others. We have also a very long experience in working on interior design projects remotely, while visiting the project sites whenever required.
Wherever your home is, we are ready to design the best bespoke interiors for you. For smaller projects or consultations, it is also possible to work virtually.
Absolutely! Please get in touch and let’s discuss your project and how we can help you. Whether you need bespoke interior design service in London, beautiful interiors in Dubai, bespoke furniture in Miami, interior design expert in Lugano… we can create beautiful interiors wherever your home is.
Yes, we have an international network of professional who help us achieving the best interior design projects. We work with the most skilled craftsman, artists, carpenters, upholsterers… who allow us to make every project unique.
No, we are always happy to work with someone new and be part of a team in order to create great interiors.
Yes we can manage the entire project and represent the client with other professionals involved in it, such as architect or contractors. We always look at the overall project and plan according to your needs and scope of works.
Yes, there will always be a contract in place to cover both parties. Our standard contract are for Full Service Interior Design Project and Procurement of all the furniture and items being part of the project. All contracts are tailored around the scope of work of the project, as we consider any interior project unique.
By planning everything and minimise any unforeseen event that always happen in any project. We work on a design concept, preparing a full set of documentation and drawings which will make the project progress in the best possible way. You will avoid mistakes such as painting walls in wrong colour, selecting an unsuitable wooden floor, ordering an incorrect number of tiles… all these oversights could be really expensive. In addition, we can save you money on all furniture orders, accessories, materials… and anything else that is part of the interior design landscape.
We work with an international network of manufacturers, suppliers, brands and craftsmen. They all boast excellent attention details. We regularly visit factories in order to check the quality of the products and processing an attentive selection. We also have our own factory in Italy where we create fully bespoke furniture, starting from joinery, through upholstery and much more. This will give you a one stop shop for your interior design project.
For the same reason why you wouldn’t hire an interior designer for an architectural project. Although these are two areas that cross over, each has its own expertise. Interior designer takes care of everything that is part of the interior landscape, making sure that it will be finely coordinated with the envelope and services of the building, normally developed by the architect. We always pay a lot attention to this coordination, as it is one of the fundamental ingredients to create the best interiors.
Yes of course. Increasingly, sustainability is part of the interior design projects, and we are always learning about new materials and techniques that will respect and take care of our planet even more. If required, we can develop a whole project with sustainable and ethical materials.
Absolutely, this is normally one of our favourite challenges. Starting from few inputs form the client and develop the whole scheme around these. Each one of us has a different way to use and live a space, and that’s why we develop fully tailored interior design projects.
We don’t believe in a “price per square meter” approach or any other similar formula. Each project is different, and we like to distinguish ourselves giving you a fully tailored quotation. We will work with you on a budget and will make sure to stick to that during the design process. That’s why at the question “how much an interior designer costs?” we always says that it depends on all your requirements and we can create a tailored quotation free of charge.
We do not have a standard mark up, also because our trade prices differ from suppliers to another and from one country to another. We will assure though that our prices will always be below the retail price and will fit your budget.
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