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Next guest of RotaGiorgino’s  In Conversation with... is Christopher Boots

Christopher Boots Designer Portrait

Christopher Boots – Portrait by Guy Lavoipierre

Founded on 11.11.11,  Christopher Boots’ studio core research focuses on material and the metaphysical exploration of quartz crystal, which is the designer’s signature aesthetic. Christopher Boots is a dedicated craftsman, seeking to elevate and transform materials in ways that highlight their natural beauty.

RG: Can you explain the concept of design and illustrate how this has evolved throughout the time for you and your brand?

CB: My design philosophy is based on negotiating the relationship between the natural and the anthropocentric worlds. Nature, symbolism and mythology are always and will be my source of inspiration. Based on the feelings of materials and expressions of all things refined, raw, chunky, elegant, primal, complex, simple, and timeless; these often emotional characteristics create a nod to luxe minimalism. Metaphysically, the medium of raw minerals as a vehicle for transformation is my hallmark, validating my belief of earth’s primal energy: a powerful antidote to the contemporary human condition.

Interior design light

Meteor – Ceiling light with hand picked selection of gradations of natural smoky quartz and natural clear quartz

RG: Your main inspirations. Where do they come from?

CB: Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms; anything from a visual glimpse to a conversation, or a physical experience. Usually, it’s dream-like, wafting as a feeling before it settles into a sketch or directly to working with a material. People inspire me. We all spend so much time in our lives working, that we often mistake ‘living’ for something that occurs in the future. I’ve always desired a working life balance where being at work is living at one’s best, doing things from a place driven by passion for people and the personal development that occurs when you’re working in a group. The creation of a studio space that is domestic and comfortable was the beginning of establishing an harmonious environment dedicated to artisanal practices.

Quartz light making

Final touches on a small Goliath, created with carefully chosen clear and smoky quartz crystals – Picture by Guy Lavoipierre

RG: How do you relate to interior designers during the development process of a product or project?

CB: I relate with designers in the development process through conversation, imagination, and ideation; exploring possible variants. My designs range from collection to collection, though all pieces speak a related visual language, grounded in nature and geometry. Interior designers usually approach me because they connect to this language: transcending the written word, objects can talk to designers and lovers of form and function. Working together to massage a design or scheme  – from concept to realisation – is the best fun. We’re making places that will welcome, inspire, relax and transform feelings into considered experience spaces.

Luxury Sotne

Christopher Boots explores unique materials like this unique Agate – Picture by Guy Lavoipierre

RG: How important is craftsmanship for your studio?

Craftsmanship is paramount at our atelier. Our focus is on design and manufacture of high-end, luxury, bespoke decorative lighting products. Each item is carefully considered in its design and aesthetic and produced to order at our studio by a small select team of artisan makers. We have several existing lighting collections, and also heavily engaged in custom projects, which can be challenging and exciting at the same time.

Interior Design Making

Christopher Boots making the Curiosity Cabinet exhibited at Rossana Orlandi during Salone 2019 (Read more here)Picture by Guy Lavoipierre

RG: If you have to choose two materials to use for the next three years, which one would you pick?

I would choose – still –  my elemental palette of brass and quartz as these materials age gracefully, and maintain value over time. I’ve chosen these materials as lighting is akin to jewellery for the home, so why not use materials that reflect this?

Prometheus – Naturally uncut Quartz Crystals and brass

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