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RotaGiorgino’s  In Conversation with... series continues with Enrica De Micheli, Volumnia gallery’s owner

Volumnia is a platform for art and design that will inhabit the cavernous interior of a former church in the heart of Piacenza. With roots in the renaissance, it is a monumental and awe-inspiring space steeped in history, with rows of columns that spring dozens of meters into the air.

Women portrait art

RG: How important do you consider craftsmanship in art and design?

EDM: In the last year I have planned and experimented with the creation of two editions for Volumnia Gallery with a young designer Simone Crestani.

Sparkling cabinet and Chlorophyll.

I strongly believe in enhancing the intelligence and craftsmanship of young people and it is a project that I want to continue to pursue, building on our experiences and investing in promoting this aspect.

Also for the next year I am working with a designer for a limited edition for Volumnia, in this project we will probe the sensory and olfactory perceptions.

Cabinet with glass

Simone Crestani Sparkling Cabinet

Glass sculpture

Chlorophyll by Simone Crestani and Davide Groppi

RG: What are your main font of inspiration?

EDM: I am not a designer, I deal with art and design is the predominant part of my work.

I come from the world of antiques which has been a great passion, never dormant, which I continue to feed, with a little nostalgia.

However, design has overwhelmingly entered my work, for various reasons, first of all because it continually stimulates me to study and design

The homes that I have the honor and pleasure of furnishing are my sources of inspiration.

I tiptoe and let the house itself and the taste of the owners select the pieces, I love being in tune with the place and the people, a unique alchemy often happens.

Interior Design pieces in Volumnia gallery

Volumnia Gallery Gabriella Crespi’s exhibition 

RG: A special aspect of  Volumnia Gallery ?

EDM: I have the privilege of working in a special gallery.

It is a deconsecrated church in my city, Piacenza, an immense place with a majestic Renaissance architecture.

I confess that every morning, on my arrival, I have a jolt in my heart and every evening, when the darkness begins to creep in, I always get excited by lingering outside, pausing in front of an illuminated decoration or a living room that elegantly furnishes a transept.

The Church has long remained closed to the public and has now come to life by hosting not only Volumnia Gallery collection but also exhibitions and events.

I could say that this place tells my story. Hidden and secret, almost shy.

Interior Design pieces in Volumnia gallery

Bamboo and brass side table and table lamp by Gabriella Crespi 

RG: If you have to choose two materials to use for the next three years, which one would you pick?

EDM: There are materials that I particularly love and that I believe will certainly accompany me in the coming years.

Gabriella Crespi, the designer who absolutely marked my work, made me love brass and bamboo, different from each other but in perfect dialogue.

Bamboo indissolubly testifies to my bond with nature, I live in the countryside, I love everything that binds me to the earth and that keeps us tied to the natural environment.

Another material that I believe will accompany me for a long time is glass.

Simone Crestani’s two creations have glass as their protagonist, Sparkling cabinet and Chlorophyll, a chandelier illuminated by Davide Groppi’s light ‘Nulla” (the latter one winner of the prestigious award Compasso d’Oro ADI in 2014)  .

I love glass for its delicacy and elegance, its transparency that enhances the light and makes the atmosphere magical.

Interior Design pieces in Volumnia gallery

Volumnia Gallery unique interiors


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