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Next guest of RotaGiorgino’s  In Conversation with... is Fameed Khalique

Fameed khalique portrait

Fameed Khalique’s celebrated collection of innovative materials, drawn from around the globe, offers designers an unmatched resource to wow clients on commercial, residential, hospitality and marine projects.

RG: A unique and original aspect that characterise your brand?

FK: We like to deliver solutions and offer “the impossible”. We work with craftsmen from all over the world, sourcing the best, most innovative materials to meet the needs of our clients. Often we will be approached by designers when they haven’t been able to find something they need for a project. I like to think we show what’s possible and we will always provide a creative solution when budget or time are an issue.

Red veneer wallcovering

Wood veneer wall coverings 

RG: How important is craftsmanship for your studio?

FK: Everything that we design and create, from our huge library of surfaces to our retail accessories brand Khalique, is executed with the greatest care and craftsmanship. Every detail is carefully considered and we spend time sourcing the finest materials and developing the most intricate techniques in order to deliver the best for our clients. We work with our network of craftspeople to develop new techniques, often challenging them to work with a new material, or in a different way, some of our most innovative surfaces have been developed by collaborating in this way.

Leather surfaces for interior design projects

A refined selection of leather surfaces

RG: What is the future of the design world and craftsmanship in general?

FK: I think there is definitely a growing appreciation for quality and the handmade; people are valuing craftsmanship more and more and are not afraid to invest in unique hand crafted pieces with a backstory. Sustainability is another important topic at the moment and it’s something we must all consider and take responsibility for.

Fret work panel

Leather fret work bespoke panel

RG: Your main inspirations. Where do they come from?

FK: Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere: a couture detail on a dress, or and Art Deco architectural finish. I love to take something traditional and familiar but give it a twist from a contemporary angle. I am always looking for new techniques to deliver materials in unique and interesting ways. For example, our increasingly popular wood veneer wallcovering collection was inspired by straw marquetry a designer wanted to use but didn’t have the budget for. We ended up creating a product that gives the impression of straw marquetry but is far easier and faster to install and is much more cost effective.

Embroidery for interior design

Embroidery selection 

Rafia wall covering interior design

Floral pattern rafia wall covering 

RG: What is your preferred material?

FK: It’s hard to choose one as I work with so many different materials, but I would have to say leather and embroidery. The are endless applications and the development process is always fascinating and rewarding. Experimenting with embroidery design always takes me back to my love of couture fashion, while leather I have a particular fondness for, as that’s whether my interest in interior finishes and surfaces first originated. It is the use of these noble materials and traditional techniques to create innovative contemporary surfaces that excites me the most.

Precious stones for interior design projects

Precious stones selections

Silver Embroidery


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