In conversation with…Giorgio Galimberti
Photographer Giorgio Galimberti Portrait

RotaGiorgino’s ‘In Conversation with...’ series continues with photographer Giorgio Galimberti

Photographer Giorgio Galimberti Portrait

Giorgio Galimberti’s portrait 

Born into photography, since when he was a child Giorgio Galimberti experimented with different photographic media, especially with his polaroid camera. He developed then his own style contaminated by art, cinema and literature

RG: Every time you take a picture, does it leave a particular memory?

GG: The relationship with my photographs is intense, every single image is scratched in the diary of my memories and remains forever in my mind.

Whenever I see one of my images even from several years ago, it immediately brings me back to that place … I think it is comparable to a song for a singer, it can be compared to a short but intense love story.

RG: What relationship does Giorgio Galimberti have with the subjects of his photography?

GG: Being a street photographer, the approach before shooting is non-existent, but in reality my vision has already carried it into my emotions and in my photography. Later if they ask me why I photographed them I try to establish a relationship trying to immediately understand my good faith and telling what I do.

It sometimes happens that we exchange addresses and then I send them the photograph where they are portrayed.

Children and building shadow

RG: What an Interior Designer could learn from a photographer?

GG: I am convinced that design and photography breathe the same air.

I was born in Brianza, home of design furniture, and I am fortunate to know all the great companies that have been pioneers, creating pieces with the great architects who have written the history of design .

My photography lives on lines and geometries and I try to bring in my images the rigor, the lightness and the fragility that often these works of art have.

Design starts from an idea and a blank sheet, photography starts from an idea and a negative to be written in your own language with your own planning.

Black and white picture

RG: How did your style evolved?

GG: My style stems from personal taste, from the thousands of photographs I have seen, from the auteur cinema and from the books I have read.

These are contaminations that influence your cultural background and personal vision leading you towards a well-defined style.

City shadows by photographer Giorgio Galimberti

Shadows photography

RG: What are you doing during quarantine to keep yourself busy?

GG: I try to stick to photography as much as possible.

I do a lot of activities, I look and dig in my archive also trying to understand my photographic evolution and in what direction my approach to photography is going and evolving.

In addition, I photograph a lot of the places where I usually spend the day, which normally are my mother’s house and my son’s house. I try to create an intimate diary of my affections, I believe that in the future a similar job can become an important personal document.

Windows and shadows

Man and lines

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