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Next guest of RotaGiorgino’s  In Conversation with... series continues with Cedric Lincoln, managing director of Cypraea

cedric lincoln portrait

Cedric Lincoln, managing director of Cypraea

Cypraea seeks to convey the preciousness of the land through innovative and original designs, which transcend the boundaries of mere “furniture”. The exclusivity and inimitable uniqueness of Mauritius is reflected in their collections.

RG: What is considered innovation today?

CL: I feel that innovation is a way of thinking. Think differently and you will become innovative. This difference could be coming from a design point of view, a new concept or from materials that you will be using.

It is very difficult today to design something totally new, something innovative. Trends come as fast as they go. Designers and Manufacturers worldwide are now all connected to their social media networks so everything is becoming “déjà vu”.

I think the only way to stay on the forehand of any trend is to see more than just the design.

You need to create a story and give your product an emotion that people would love to pass to the next generation. Not something that you would just like to change in 5 years… This will create your own signature and will make it very difficult for somebody else to copy. If you ask yourself a simple question: What is left to your brand if you remove the design, the products and the people behind it? The answer is what should make your difference and this is where you should innovate.

Cypraea’s answer to that same question is NATURE. All our designs are inspired from nature, pictures and movies taken in nature, we use natural materials and finally, we partner with nature associations.

More it takes time to copy, more you have the time to succeed and more people will qualify your products as innovative. This is only my point of view…

Gold Cabinet Interior Design

Aqua Bar Cube in Gold and Lava Sand, design by Francesco Maria Messina (Picture By Eric Lee)

RG: A unique and original aspect that characterise your brand? 

CL: Cypraea is different to other brands for many reasons:

We are most probably the only island in the world producing Luxury Furniture.

Our designs are 100% inspired from nature.

Cypraea uses mainly natural materials that are not used elsewhere.

We produce only limited editions of 9 pieces worldwide.

We are far from all continents. Our remote location from a small stone sitting in the middle of the ocean give us a very exclusive touch.

Cypraea partners with nature associations though its sales.

We do not use Photoshop in our Nature pictures and videos. We are All Natural.

Coffee table designIle Maurice Low Table in Coral Stone, design by Francesco Maria Messina (Picture By Stefano Pasqualetti)

RG: How important is craftsmanship for your studio? 

CL: Our 46 years of heritage in the furniture business was essential to be able to manufacture our furniture.

The complexity of the processes and the variety of materials we are using makes it impossible to manufacture our products with industrial machines. I feel that this hand craftsmanship is our competitive edge together with the uncommon materials we use.

We are not industrial and I don’t want to become industrial. If one day we cannot cope with our orders, we will simply increase our delivery lead-times. I feel that this hand craftsmanship is what is giving our furniture this very special touch.

Side Tables interior designMangrovia Low Table Set in Walnut, design by Francesco Maria Messina (Picture By Eric Lee)

RG: What is your preferred material?

CL: Solid wood. This is the material I was born in when my farther had his own furniture business.

I designed and manufactured my first piece by myself when I was 17 years old and this furniture is still at home today. It was made of palissander wood from Madagascar and rattan.

Everybody who had the occasion to visit a solid wood factory reminds of the smell of the workshop and the warm feeling it gives. Wood was one of the first materials used in the past and it is also a material for the future. You can make anything out of wood.

People tend to forget that paper is actually coming from trees… I will never leave this beautiful trade and I hope that my kids will follow the same route.

Interior Design side table and cascade

Rochester Sideboard in Wenge, design by Francesco Maria Messina (Picture By Stefano Pasqualetti)

RG: What would you identify as the main current trend in design and which one will be the future one?

CL: The main current trend is going towards natural materials and organic shapes.

I don’t feel there will be a return trend because people are getting more and more conscious about the environment and the climate change.

This new trend will be a long lasting, hence the reason we inspired ourselves at 100% from nature.

Interior Design Piece Cedric Lincoln

Aqua Shelf Anthracite with Salt Effect finish, design By Francesco Maria Messina (Picture By Stefano Pasqualetti)

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