In Conversation with…Aiveen Daly

RotaGiorgino’s  ‘In Conversation with...’ series continues with Aiveen Daly, founder and creative director at Aiveen Daly

Aiveen Daly Portrait

Aiveen Daly portrayed in her beautiful home with her dog

Aiveen Daly is a specialist upholstery studio in London, designing and making for the world’s finest interiors projects

RG: What is your point of view with regards to today’s predominant themes such as quality, eco-innovation, social responsibility?

AD: We have been focussing a lot on sustainability recently and thinking about how we can lux-cycle pre-owned pieces. We hear so much about clothing going to landfill but furniture has the same problem with unsold stock or barely used items going to skips.

Upholstery is a really valuable craft for prolonging the life of furniture. It is incredibly versatile and goes far beyond refreshing fabric.

We encourage designers to show us what they have access to so we can help them to reinvent it.  At Aiveen Daly we have a design palette of over 100 design details to choose from. Any embellishments from the Aiveen Daly collection for example can also be applied to your existing furniture.

I am interested to see how we can work towards a circular model of making, extend product life and reduce waste, particularly foam and packaging. It is an ongoing discussion and we have a lot more to do!

Interior Design Board

Some of the unique upholstery pieces by Aiveen Daly 

RG: How important is craftsmanship for your studio?

AD: Craftsmanship is so important and is especially happily married to good design. It’s often hard to find the two together.

Some craftspeople don’t have such a fine tuned eye for design or equally some designers don’t have enough understanding of a craft to push it to it’s greatest potential.

Combining the two well helps us to stay ahead of the competition and insulates us (well – as much as possible!) from copying.

Aiveen Daly Detail

Leather hand carved flowers for decorative panels or ceilings

RG: What’s the biggest mistake a designer could make?

AD: The biggest mistake is not to trust your instinct. You always know in your gut what you should do and you should tell your client honestly. If they are not on board and if it goes wrong at least your conscience is clear.

Aiveen Daly Interior Design Panel

Hand pleated Fortuna wall panel by Aiveen Daly

RG: Your main inspirations. Where do they come from?

AD: Inspiration truly is everywhere. I love looking at other artisans and makers particularly jewellery, ceramics and paper artistry.

I always try to go to Masterpiece, PAD London and Collect and of course anything and everything showing at the V&A.

As soon as the Covid-19 lock down is over I will be heading to the Kimono exhibit there.

Aiveen Daly Interior Design Chair

Electra Chair – A unique dressing or dining chair shown in silver satin with weighty metal belt detail

RG: What is your preferred material?

AD: I love working with majilite leather and novasuede. It is available in a wide range of colours and it has the advantage of looking good on both sides. This works really well for us when we make quite sculptural commissions for example rolling suede flowers or butterflies as the material looks good in 3d.

Concertina Chair – The soft leather detail has been twisted and woven and wraps the base of the chair.

If you would like to know more about Aiveen Daly and her fabulous work:

Aiveen Daly

Aiveen Daly Instagram

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