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Next guest of RotaGiorgino’s  In Conversation with... series continues with Paolo Macchiaroli, CEO of My Private Villas

Paolo Macchiaroli sitting on an armchair

Paolo Macchiaroli, CEO and founder of My Private Villas

My Private Villas proudly showcases a unique collection of luxury homes, villas, chalets and apartments located from stunning beach locations, to quiet countryside and Alps retreats.

RG: Do you consider interior design able to change an “anonymous” villa into a strong and profitable asset? 

PM: Absolutely. A luxury property is not just a series of rooms but it is also a collection of details that enhance the guest’ experience. Light, distribution of space, furniture and art all make a difference – as well as the high quality of materials.  Everything that can increase guest comfort is a valid asset.

France  St Tropez – Villa Canoubwest (Photography by Marc Berenguer)   

RG: Do you feel that your clients value and appreciate the interior design of the villas?                

PM: The style and design of a villa are often the deciding factors. Every design choice makes a difference – and it’s incredible how clients pick up even small details from the photographs on our website. We choose the villas in our portfolio based on the attention to details that the owners put in creating and decorating the properties.

Villa Resort in Thailand

Thailand – Rayong – The Resort Villa 

RG: What is considered luxury today? 

PM: Luxury is defined by the quality of time spent. The place you spend it in. The people you spend it with.

My Private Villas’ philosophy is to share its passion for quality and enriching experiences with its guests.

Our meticulous selection of villas, our trusted relationships with the owners and our ambition to always exceed expectations, will guarantee our guests the highest standards of luxury.

Luxury can easily be described as the fulfilment of  a dream – which is different for everyone. While guests may have precise tastes and desires, for us true luxury is also respecting the territory – a luxurious property must be well set in its location and must highlight the characteristics of the area.

We pride ourselves in having a large portfolio in many different locations that can satisfy the most demanding clients offering them the holiday of a lifetime.

Interior Design in Cape Town

Africa – South Africa  – Cape Town –  Beyond Villa

RG: What is considered innovation today?

PM: Technology is progressing so fast that it’s hard to keep up! I think innovation is to be found first in energy-saving strategies, the use of local materials, solar panels etc, but also in the integration of the most up to date systems for lights sound etc – not only in contemporary properties but also in historical ones.

For example, a TV is a TV – but there is a massive difference if it is an HD flatscreen hidden discreetly in a wall panel and one looming large in the middle of the room. They serve the same purpose but the presentation makes a big difference.

Interior of a Chalet

Switzerland – Zermatt – Chalet Peak 

RG: A unique and original aspect that characterise My Private Villas? 

PM: My Private Villas Collection has an eclectic mix of modern state-of the art cutting edge designer properties alongside charming traditional historic houses.

All these properties showcase not only our passion in hospitality, but also in style. We pride ourselves in offering the perfect backdrop for unforgettable holiday experiences.

Porticato Palazzo

Italy – Umbria – Villa Palazzo

Interior Design in Marrakech

Morocco – Marrakech – Villa Dar El Sadaka

Staircase interior design

Spain – Ibiza – Isla Sa Ferradura 

Interior Design stanza da letto

Italy – Rome – Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge

Africa – Tanzania – Singita Serengeti House 

Voted ‘World’s Best Private Villa’ at the Boutique Hotel Awards, The Resort Villa in Rayong, Thailand is a luxurious hideaway boasting 8 stunning villas

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