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RotaGiorgino’s  In Conversation with... series continues with luxury designer Alexandra D Foster


Alexandra D Foster Portrait

Designer Alexandra D Foster portrayed in Gotham Notting Hill Studio

Alexandra D foster is a luxury designer from Boston who lives and works in London. Educated in Boston, Italy and London, Alexandra’s voracious appetite for travel, new cultures, and the jet set lifestyle continues to inspire her today.


RG: What inspires you the most? 

ADF: Travel and my deep admiration for nature serve as my chief sources of inspiration. I think travel changes you fundamentally and to the core, while opening your eyes to possibilities you never knew existed. And nature is perfect in every way, from the stunning creatures of the sea, to the symmetry, form, and colours of flowers.

Yellow Cushion Luxry Interior Design

“London” and “Tokyo” cushions in yellow and grey 

RG: How important is craftsmanship for your studio? 

ADF: All of our cushions are made entirely by hand. I think this level of craftsmanship, coupled with the high-quality materials used, is hugely important and certainly defines a luxury product.

The customer always appreciates that every single detail of a product has been carefully considered, from the colours chosen to the design and quality of the cloth to the hours of labour involved in creating the final piece.

Woman sewing

All cushions are hand made by an atelier in Como, Italy

RG: What is your point of view with regards to today’s predominant themes such as quality, eco-innovation, social responsibility? 

ADF: Every brand should have sustainability at the forefront of its ethos. I think each of us are responsible for doing our part to preserve the planet, not only today, but for future generations.

I am happy to say that the factory that prints our cushion fabrics has won many awards for being one of the most eco-conscious in Europe and every step of the manufacturing process operates with the least impact to the environment as possible.

Interior design luxury cushions on chair

“Modern Circle” pillow on Barcelona Chair 

RG: How do you relate to designers during the development process of a product or project? 

ADF: I work hand-in-hand with many interior designers around the world and it is my favorite part of what I do!

Each scheme is so creative and individual to the client and I love to be able to create bespoke cushions for each project that tie in perfectly with the designer’s vision. Sometimes we just change the colours of an existing cushion design, but other times we can create a one-of-a-kind design taking inspiration from another element in the room, and client’s love knowing that an item was made explicitly for them.

Beautiful interiors

“Tokyo” cushions in cream and grey 

RG: A unique and original aspect that characterises your brand? 

ADF: Each cushion design is inspired by a place in the world and tells a story. Whether it be the pattern on the roof of a famous church on the Amalfi Coast, a door knocker in Rome, or a beautiful mother of pearl inlaid table in Marrakech, I find inspiration no matter where I am in the world.

Green Room Interior Design

San Francisco Decorators Showcase designed by Jonathan Rachman

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