Nomad Circle, “High Altitude” art and design

Nomad St Moritz brings Art and design to the Alps, an exclusive event with outstanding installations, precious materials and collectible art and design.

Chesa Planta Nomad St Moritz 

Nomad St Moritz brings together leading international galleries to create standout exhibitions in extraordinary architectural locations.

Set for the third time in St.Moritz, Switzerland, in the architectural gem Chesa Planta, the event had a great selection of gallery and designers, with finely selected vintage and contemporary pieces.

Each gallery was set in one of the unique room of the Chesa Planta.

Nomad St Moritz finely curated pieces where blending nicely with the existing interiors of the rooms, elegant ceramic stoves, carved wooden walls and detailed staircases.

The first pieces that caught our eyes were by the Officine Saffi.

The Tutamen by Päivi Rintaniemi, is so elegant and thin that seems floating in the room, perfect to compliment an elegant interior design scheme

Vase Detail Interior Design

Detail – Tutamen by Päivi Rintaniemi

White Vase Interior Design

 Tutamen by Päivi Rintaniemi

White Vases Interior Design

Officine Saffi

White Lamp Interior Design

Angela Weber – Jane and Gordon Martz Tall Table Lamp

We then visited Musegallery, which had a great set up of flurry seating pieces, perfect for an interior design in St Moritz, or even London. The interior was complimented by an elegant bronze floor lamp by Atelier Biagietti, with the inside of the lamp shade hand painted with subtle but elegant colours.

Hand painted lamp for interior design

Brass Lamp hand painted by Atelier Biagietti 

Chalet Seating Interior Design

Musegallery Interior Set Up

Volumnia had the most elegant piece that we saw at Nomad St Moritz.

A glass branch with flowers and blossoms finely crafted by Simone Crestani, was hung from the ceiling above a white marble table by Osvaldo Borsani. On the ceiling a light by Davide Groppi was lighting up the branch, casting an elegant shadow on the beautiful white marble.

A very poetic and almost idyllic piece, which would be the key feature of every interior design from London to Dubai.

Living Interior Design

Elegant installation by Volumnia

Suspended Installation for Interior Design

Volumnia Gallery installation by Simone Crestani and Davide Groppi 

Walking through the fine interiors of Chesa Planta, we reached the top Nomad Stuva, finding the beautiful installation, “Mimetic Dialogue” by Draga & Aurel.

Unique furniture and abstract paintings were part of the interior design landscape of the room, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

Exclusive transparent objects, salvaged and reinvented pieces are the key points of Draga & Aurel installation.

The elegant side board, side tables and bench made with resin, would work perfectly on an interior design in Dubai on The Palm Jumeirah.

Interior Design Luxury

Resin and concrete elements by Draga & Aurel

Living Area Interior Design

Draga and Aurel Installation 

Living Area Interior Design 2

 Through coloured screens by Draga and Aurel

Interior Design Seating

Installation detail by Draga and Aurel

Resin Furniture Interior Design

Draga and Aurel resin coffee tables

As always, Nomad Circle has been a fantastic experience, where we have been able to see sophisticated art and design pieces and able to dialogue with very interesting pieces.

It’s an event that we would really recommend to every interior designer in London or worldwide, as there you will be inspired by the uniqueness of the art and design work.

We look forward to discover where the next Nomad will be, and for sure, we will be there chasing design and art pieces wherever they will go, in a true nomadic spirit.

© RotaGiorgino – Interior Designers and Architects in London – Luxembourg – Milan 

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