PAD art and design for interiors

Annual event PAD art and design showcases astonishing art pieces and design for interiors, making it a unique destination for interior designers, collectors and art and design lovers in London

PAD tent in Berkeley square

PAD tent in Berkeley Square, London 

The renowned Pavilion of Art and Design, opened its doors in London’s Mayfair on Monday for one week.

PAD art and design brings together a meticulously curated selection of pieces from 68 leading galleries from all over the world, showcasing the finest array of 20th Century art, photography and design for interiors.

Leading interior designers gathered to London last week from all over the world under to the PAD tent to find inspiration and hand pick design pieces for their interior design projects.

PAD art and design originally started in Paris 22 years ago, with the London equivalent opening only 10 years later. This year, the selection of design and art work for interiors was more innovative also with 11 new dealers joining the show.

In fact there are pieces using recycled, bio-based and natural materials, showing that even design can contribute to the fight against global warming.

Another hot topic was about Brexit. A number of dealers have shared that collectors are moving design pieces from London to continental Europe in case they want to sell in future. This is a remarkable sign that Brexit is also affecting interior design.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery, winner of last year’s Best Stand at PAD art and design, returns with a show stopping performance

Chandelier for interior design in London

Carpenters Workshop Gallery installation at PAD 

Some of the featured design pieces are by Milan-based architect and designer Vincenzo de Cotis.  The eye catching mirror in the picture is made of cast brass, recycled fiberglass and silver plated brass. Nacho Carbonell’s Big Round Chandelier was suspended over the booth, spanning almost three meters wide, dominating the scene. Although this is made by texturise welded metal branches we were impressed by the lightness of this piece.

These combination of pieces completely inspired us for a Milan-loft project.

Chandelier for interior design in London

Nacho Carbonell’s Big Round Chandelier at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, PAD London 

Achille Salvagni presents his own design: a panorama of lighting, furniture and vessels made with noble materials

The Octopus chandelier, a bright orange six arms chandelier with unique bronze heads enriched by precious stones has stolen the show. Pieces that would look incredibly sophisticated in an interior design scheme in Como for example overlooking the lake where shades of blue water are juxtaposed to the orange of the chandelier.

Interior design setting in London

Achille Salvagni at PAD, London

Kreo presents a nicely balanced exhibition of sophisticated furniture and contemporary lighting

For this new edition of PAD London, Kreo has presented recent works by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Pierre Charpin, Doshi Levien, Jaime Hayon andHella Jongerius amongst others as well as a curated selection of important vintage lights by Italian design master Gino Sarfatti.

Here, we have been inspired by the selection of mirrors which could perfectly sit in an interior design project in London or Paris. One of our favourite is definitely the Cheeky Mirror Green by Jaime Hayon. From the same designer, Niko Niko table in black and white with a marble top and lacquered wood structure, was surely worth to mention.

Mirror for interior design in London

Kreo – Jamie Hayon’s Mirror at PAD, London

Table for interior design in London

Kreo – Jamie Hayon’s Niko Niko Table at PAD, London

Pinto, design gallery from Paris is one of the most inspirational for an interior design project

Since 2009, Pinto has been creating furniture, tableware, and collections of accessories that are predominantly one of a kind or limited edition and made using rare materials.

In particular, we appreciated were two side tables, made of wood and metalised resin topped by a sheet of patinated brass with an outstanding texture.

The sofas are also unique, with a beech frame and solid oak base, with a unique inserts of coco shell detail at the bottom that makes them a must for any interior designer in London or worldwide.

Design pieces for interior design in London

Pinto at PAD, London

Design pieces for interior design in London

Side Tables at Pinto, PAD London

Paris-based dealer Alexandre Biaggi‘s delicate selection of works would work for an interior design scheme of a townhouse in Chelsea or a manor in Hampstead.

We loved the sinuous shapes of Mauro Fabbro’s ‘Abbraccio’ armchair mixing the perfection of Italian design and the elegance of French Chanel-like boucle texture of the upholstery.

Armchair mirror and Table interior design in London

Alexandre Biaggi at PAD, London

Galleri Fumi is once again one of the best in show at PAD London

Showing a unique piece by Rowan Mersh called Sidereum Nox (Starry Night) in black lip mother of pearl together with recent works by Max Lamb who recently presented a solo show of accessories and furniture made with a modern reinterpretation of a lacquering technique called Urushi, this gallery is always an inspiration for our interior design in London, or worldwide.

Interior design pieces in London

Gallery Fumi at PAD, London 

A nice surprise of PAD London comes from South Africa

Art and Design pieces for Interior Design in London

Southern Guild Gallery at PAD

This edition of PAD London’s great surprise was Southern Guild, a South Africa-based gallery which commissions, produces and exhibits complex and high-end designs by local talents.

‘Nothing so empty as the empty within. Nothing so full as the full within’ by Chris Soal is our favourite. We admired it from far away, but loved it as soon as we learned what it was made of.

This prominent wall piece is his largest work made of beer bottle-caps to date, measuring almost two meters in diameter. In this work, the artist has wound the inner ring of the spiral in one direction and the outer ring in the opposite, thus altering the reflection of light and creating an illusion of depth as you move around the work.

Definitely an artist to keep an eye on, we will make sure to specify this unique work of art  in any of our interior design schemes in Milan, or worldwide.

Art piece with metal bottles caps

Chris Soal’s artwork for Southern Guild at PAD London 

Art piece made with sticks

Chris Soal’s artwork for Souther Guild at PAD London 

We had a very inspiring visit here at PAD, and carefully selected some of the pieces for our interior design projects.

Being interior designers in London, Luxembourg and Milan, we loved chatting with such a different array of international gallerists, design experts, artists and fellow architects.

Definitely an appointment that will always be in our agenda, in order to be sure to always give to our client the best interior design service.

Art and design pieces in London

Yves and Victor Gastou at PAD London 

Design and Art pieces for interior design in London

Herve Van Der Straeten gallery at PAD in London

Design pieces for interior design in London

Sarah Mayerscough gallery at PAD in London

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