Nomad Circle once again becomes the perfect inspiration for interior design, transforming Venice in a design and art gallery.

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel in Venice

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel exterior

Travelling showcase Nomad Circle propels an invigorating program of contemporary design & art in unique scenarios of breathtaking architectural places.

Following on from the great success of previous editions in Montecarlo and St. Moritz, Founders Nicolas Bellevance-Lecompte and Giorgio Pace have made Venice the location of their itinerant show.

Hosted in the gothic rooms of Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel in the city’s area of Cannaregio, the main focus of this year’s show which took place from 5 to 8 September alongside Venice Glass Week, was clearly on the craftsmanship of glass making objects and how this was interpreted by the best designers and artists from all over the world.

The palazzo is simply an amazing location and as interior architects we could appreciate how the architectural detail blended in with the pieces exhibited.

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel Interiors

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel exterior

For us interior designers and interior architect based in London, Milan and Luxembourg, Nomad is a constant source of inspiration and the perfect occasion to source objects as well as furniture which could work for our projects.

We are pleased to share our highlights and from the show, hoping that you would share our excitements on these findings!

Ormeggi by Draga & Aurel

Como-based design duo Draga & Aurel have been invited by Nomad to decorate the entrance of Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel with a solo show of handmade pieces called ‘Ormeggi’ inspired by Venetian lore. Ormeggi is a collection of bespoke furniture made out of resin, cement and cast bronze to illustrate Venice’s struggle against the papal state on its way to become La Serenissima.

Resin table and seats by Draga and Aurel

“Ormeggi” installation by Draga & Aurel

Resin wall installation by Draga and Aurel

Resin wall installation by Draga and Aurel

Ormeggi by Draga and Aurel overlooking Venice canal

Blue resin and cast bronze seat by Draga & Aurel 

David Gill Gallery has represented perfectly Venice’s spirit with a Mattia Bonetti solo show of brand new pieces completed in 2019 and inspired by the ancient art of glass making.

The designer’s collection, entirely handmade in the Venetian island of Murano refers to the heritage of local glass-blowing techniques. Bonetti’s palette reflects with simplicity the environments, the greens, golds, yellows, whites… blending in with the watery reflections and Italian classic interiors. Most of these pieces are simply perfect for the interiors of an airy beach villa, perhaps overlooking the Gulf of Capri!

Or perhaps given the current location of Nomad Circle, most of these pieces would be perfect in a great interior design for a Palazzo in Venice.

White murano glass lamps by Mattia Bonetti

David Gill’s Gallery setup at Nomad

Green glass mirror by Mattia Bonetti

Mirror in Murano glass by Mattia Bonetti 

Gallery Fumi’s outstanding presentation featured works by Sam Orlando Miller.

Chandelier interior design by Sam Orlando Miller

Chandelier in mirror and brass by Sam Orlando Miller

Chandelier detail mirror and brass

Chandelier Details

The designer’s mirror and console table perfectly match the style of many of our private luxury residential interiors projects in London.

The most striking piece though, was a light sculpture inspired by the changing luminosity of passing seasons. Jade green mirrors and garlands of hand cut golden bronze are masterfully combined together in a cascade of brilliant materials.

Gallery Fumi is the avant-garde dealer always selecting striking pieces which are simply perfect for an interior designer based in London, or we would definitely say worldwide.

Nilufar from Milan is also worth of mention during this Nomad Circle.

Fine Murano glass vessels by artist Domitilla Harding return to their original place of manufacture. These are absolutely the best pieces to celebrate the most exceptional craft techniques of all times.

With their amazing shapes and colours, these pieces would be perfect in our interior design scheme in a modern Milan apartment.

Murano glass vessels by Domitilla Harding

Murano glass vessels by Domitilla Harding

Blue and white vessel

Amazing colours for this vessel in Murano glass by Domitilla Harding

As interior designers and interior architect we find Nomad Circle always a great inspiration for our projects. As interior architects we love the outstanding places picked by the nomadic show, and as interior designers we can appreciate the selection of pieces brought to our attention by the roster of international galleries who have participated to the show.

Here below we have selected a couple of further images that caught our attention.

It’s time to go back to our interior design studio in London, Luxembourg and Milan, with loads of inspiration for our interior design projects while wondering where Nomad Circle will take us next time.

Interior design Installation by Dedar

Interior Design Installation by Dedar & Studio Luca Guadagnino 

Pink armchair with brass table lamp by Gabriella Crespi

                                                                  Pink armchair with brass table lamp by Gabriella Crespi (Volumnia Gallery)

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