The Milan Design week goes on: third day in Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan.

It was finally the time of the big brands, such as Foscarini, Artemide, Lasvit, Bocci, Preciosa… and many others.

Architettura Metallica

Fiera Milano, designed by Fuksas

We went back to the fair at Salone del Mobile 2019 as we still needed to source some lighting.

It’s so convenient to come here as you can see thousands of products without wasting too much time.

On the other hand, you need to wear comfortable shoes and be ready to walk for kilometres, today we did 13km!

First of all, we saw unique products that form impressive and interactive installations.

Lasvit had remarkable pieces, designed by Mária Čulenová-Hostinová, Wanda Valihrachová, Maxim Velčovský, Kateřina Handlová and Katarína Kudějová Fulínová have designed pieces and each installation is inspired by one of the elements of Lasvit’s “Theory of Light”.

These elements are: reflection, spectrum, nature and perception, while also intending to demonstrate “the beauty and power of light” hidden within the glass itself. Definitely interesting the interactive chandelier where the user can direct light throughout the elements of the chandelier, using a remote control.

Needless to say that the other pieces were striking as usual, because you can always expect quality and originality from Lasvit.

Coloured Glass

The Theory of Light, Lasvit

Ceiling light installation

The Theory of Light, Lasvit

Opaque crystal light

Kengo Kuma lights for Lasvit

Similarly, Preciosa had some interactive massive installation that they were fun and beautiful at the same time.

One was an installation where the people could blow inside a glass ball and this would start lighting all the other lighting balls nearby. Blowing contemporary inside the three different points, would light up the whole chandelier. Similar is the other installation ‘Carousel’ made of 8000 little glass balls on the ceiling. The whole chandelier would light up as a result when two people would hug in the middle, while the whole installation spin as a carousel.

Coloured glass ball lights

Preciosa, Light Installation at Salone del Mobile Fair 

Glass balls lights

Preciosa, Light Installation at Salone del Mobile Fair 

Another amazing stand was Bocci. As usual the lights has amazing colours that when put together they form this landscape of unique forms and lights.

Probably one of their best pieces was a chandelier where each piece of glass is held by mouldable arms made of brass.

Coloured glass lights

Bocci glass chandelier 

Chandelier copper and glass

Bocci glass chandelier with copper arms

Certainly another company noteworthy is Paolo Castelli, especially because of their lighting and furniture.

We were in love with their chandelier made of murano glass and 24K gold powder, probably one of the best lighting pieces we have seen in these days at Euroluce.

Finally we finished all the Euroluce Halls, with unique inspiration for our projects and with loads of proposals for our clients.

Gold Lighting

Paolo Castelli’s unique lighting 

We then took the metropolitana and went to Moscova, where we started to stroll around the Brera Design District.

Our first stop was at Hermes. The Parisian maison is renowned for its expertise in fabrication, and La Pelota, it’s latest collection of homeware, places focus on materiality.

Items were placed on stands with a top formed by a fine sand cement. Although the items displayed by Hermes where exceptional as always, the choice of placing them on a fine sand cement was rather impractical and unconventional.

Coloured ceramic vases

Hermes vases, Salone del Mobile 2019

As last stop, we visited Christopher Boots, an impressive lighting designer.

The exhibition TROVE at Spazio RT features never before seen artist pieces and new main-line lighting available for exclusive pre order.

On this unique lighting pieces, naturally occurring quartz crystals appear to have grown and lit themselves from the inside, illustrating Christopher’s explorations of pure natural expression.

Christopher Boots, Lighting 

We then close the day with an amazing gelato, strolling between San Babila and Duomo, enjoying the unique vibes that Salone del Mobile brings to this amazing and international Milano.

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