An exclusive interior design project in Miami

RotaGiorgino is currently developing an apartment in the Acqualina Estate, a luxury ocean front selection of condos in Miami

Luxury apartment ocean front

External view of the Toscana Unit currently developed by RotaGiorgino (Ⓒ Estates at Acqualina)

Currently developing a luxury four bedroom apartments in The Estates at Acqualina, which offers Miami’s most exquisite living experience and has been ranked as number one luxury beach front resort in the continental U.S.

A total of 6,228Ssq. Ft./578.59m2 area, offering every comfort such as sauna and terrace spa, all surrounded by breathtaking ocean views.

An elegant and sophisticated interior design landscape that stimulates all senses and create a unique experience.

With mainly bespoke interiors, the majority of the furniture is being manufactured by some of the best Italian craftsmen, who are the foundation of our sophisticated interiors.

Quality, luxury living and comfort are the pillars of projects like this one by RotaGiorgino, which rank among the best interior designers in Miami.



View from our building site in Acqualina, Miami

Coming Soon

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